IV Institute offers two unique physician services to get you where you want to go. Constructed around the Three Keys for a Thriving IV Practice, our services include:

Practice Builder

The Practice Builder Package delivers all the pieces you need to develop and expand IV therapy services.  Six new customized formulas add energy to your patient services. A monthly consultation hour with Dr. Muran where he lends support to solve any particular challenges and review how things are going. Dr. Muran's industry specific newsletter keeps you up-to date with regulatory changes, emerging formulas, research, marketing and administrative gems. 


 Pete Muran-MD, MBA, CNS

Turn The Key-

 Turn the Key Training Package is designed to prepare you and your staff to launch IV therapy in your practice. Our two-day, on-site training equips you and your staff with the essential skills to deliver IV services, the organizational  know-how, Standard Operating Manual and all necessary administrative tools. We include follow-up consultation to tie up any loose ends and answer implementation questions. Time is precious.  Turn the Key Training is an effective use of your time and energy to effectively get you off the ground to  grow a thriving practice.