Through this two day onsite intensive educational experience participants will understand the following information to start a successful IV Therapy practice:


  • The objectives in starting a successful IV practice.
  • The types of conditions that IV Therapy can help, the possible risks and potential for better health.
  • The possible obstacles and solutions to those obstacles in an IV practice.
  • How each member of the practice contributes and enhances the patient’s treatment from the Physician/Nurse Practitioner to the IV Nurse to the Pharmacy Tech, MA, receptionist and Marketing Representative.


Day One

8 am to 5 pm

8 am  Meet with physician to review schedule and concerns; Introductions to staff.

  • Participants will understand the outline and the material that will be discussed.
  • Individual roles will be identified as the Physician/Nurse Practitioner, IV Nurse, Pharm. Tech to mix IV’s, MA and internal Marketing Representative and areas of responsibility are highlighted. 
  • Learn the objectives in starting an IV practice and the possible obstacles.


9 am  Staff Orientation to IV Therapy

  • Staff will understand the history of IV Therapy and its applications.
  • Case studies in IV therapies will be reviewed and discussed.


10 am  Nursing & Marketing Point Person Education

Nursing Orientation:

  • Pre-treatment patient assessment and education.

Through this the nurse will be educated in:

  • The documentation needed prior to the IV Therapy.
  • The pre-IV therapy evaluation of the patient including the diagnosis, the prescribed treatment, the expected benefits and ill effects from the treatment.
  • The patient’s possible questions and the answers.
  • Be able to determine the patient’s current disposition and how to make the patient comfortable.

Receptionist/Marketing Orientation:

  • Receptionist will become familiar with the IV Treatment program, the ailments it treats, and the benefits to the patient.


11 am  Roles with in the Practice

  • The receptionist; friendly and attentive, to the patient. This is done through role modeling.
  • Marketing personal; familiar with their demographics and the demographics that is being targeted.

        -Digital marketing will be discussed and recommendations for marketing web-site with SEO’s .


12 pm  Lunch served in office – Training review


1 pm  Inventory and storage of supplies; Mixing Demo.

  • The designated staff member will become familiar with aseptic mixing techniques through demonstration and review of various mixing techniques.
  • The designated staff member will understand the importance of the mixing technique. The mixing demonstration is followed by a staffs’ hands on experience.


2 pm  Utilizing the IV Templates

  • Patient IV Assessment & Site Selection.


3 pm -- Set up Equipment and Tray

  • Staff will learn the purpose of all tools involved in IV Therapy.
  • Handling complications that could arise in IV Therapy will be discussed.


4 pm  Hands-on practice 

  • This will be accomplished with all IV Therapy tool and real life scenarios.



Day Two

8 am to 5 pm

8 am Documentation Review

  • This session will review and integrate forms included in the SOP manual. For example, health history. Physicians orders and charting.


9 am Review Equipment and Materials.

  • At the end of this session the staff member will have knowledge and proper technique to apply and manage the following:
    • Infection Control and Safety
    • Review 10 rules, placement and technique preventing complications
    • Changing IV solutions/tubing
    • IV Push
    • Terminating an IV


10 am Review Solution Preparation

  • In this session the staff member will collect and set up the solution preparation while showing knowledge in the reading the Physician’s order; understanding the template for each solution and the requirements for preparing the solution.


11 am Prepare Solutions for Demo Patients


12 pm Lunch served in office -Training review


1 pm Admit and Administer IV’s to patients

  • At the end of this session the staff member will have knowledge and hands on experience in the following:
    • Documentation
    • Monitoring
    • Discontinuing the IV
    • Proper discard of materials used


4 pm Wrap-up, Recap and Q & A

Two Day Onsite Training